Non-Resident Fellowship in Infertility

Non-Resident Fellowship in Infertility

This course is designed for only gynaecologists across the world and helps candidates become certified consultants to practice reproductive medicine, specializing in infertility. The extensive training in infertility by well-qualified faculties equips aspiring doctors with tremendous knowledge and practical exposure to observations of advanced techniques and major procedures like IUIs, ovum pickups, embryo transfers, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate shall be eligible for admission into the Non-Resident Fellowship in Infertility only if he/she

• Is a citizen of India or any other country

• qualifies on equivalent to Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Course Highlights

• 3 hours of theory classes, once a week

• Observations on significant procedures for 15 days at GarbhaGudi centres located in Bangalore, India

• Fellowship in Infertility certificate issued by GGIRHR

Exit Exam

Course exit examination is a two-stage examination comprising theory and practical examinations.

Duration:12 months
Fee:$ 6000 (USD) (Incl. Taxes)