RGUHS Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

RGUHS Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

The Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (FRM) program affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences is a comprehensive and prestigious opportunity for obstetricians and gynaecologist’s looking to specialize in reproductive medicine. Here's a summary of the key details is provided:

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for admission to the program, candidates must:

1. Be a citizen of India.

2. Hold an MBBS Degree from a university recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

3. Hold an M.D. / M.S. or its equivalent recognized degree in Obstetrics & Gynecology from a university recognized by the MCI or any other university declared as equivalent.

Course Highlights: The program offers several highlights, including:

1. Extensive hands-on training with expert doctors, covering initial consultations to end procedures like OPU (Oocyte Pick-Up) and ET (Embryo Transfer).

2. Exposure to various case scenarios at GarbhaGudi IVF Centers in Bangalore.

3. A comprehensive Ultrasound Scan course provided free of cost.

4. Detailed exposure and hands-on experience in Embryology.

5. Access to the entire course content online via the clearing application.

6. Opportunities to work with the GarbhaGudi Ethics Committee on research projects and thesis for doctoral studies.

7. Participation in medical camps and GGIRHR (GarbhaGudi Institute of Reproductive Health and Research) CMEs (Continuing Medical Education) and conferences.

8. A final certificate for "Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine" issued by RGUHS upon completing the course.

Exit Exam: The program includes a comprehensive assessment process, which includes theory examinations, practical assessments, and Viva, which will be conducted by RGUHS.

This program seems to offer a well-rounded and hands-on learning experience for aspiring reproductive medicine specialists, covering both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and successfully complete the program can expect to receive a valuable certification from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

Duration:18 Months
Qualification:MD/MS-OBG, DGO & DNB
Fee:Payable to Institution