IUI Workshop

IUI Workshop

GGIRHR offers the IUI course to impart in-depth knowledge of all aspects of an IUI procedure. IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination, which is a fertility treatment where sperm is placed directly into a woman's uterus to facilitate fertilization. Here's a summary of the key points:

1. Eligibility Criteria:

• Candidates must be citizens of India.

• Eligible educational backgrounds include BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery), BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), or other genecology-related qualifications.

2. Course Highlights:

• The course aims to provide comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the IUI procedure.

• Training is designed to maximize success rates in IUI practice.

• Hands-on sessions are offered to every candidate, allowing them to gain practical experience in semen processing.

• The course aims to boost candidates' confidence in performing IUI procedures from day one.

• It covers topics such as ovarian stimulation for IUI, monitoring the best time for insemination, and more.

• Candidates are equipped with knowledge of medico-legal aspects related to IUI procedures.

3. Exit Exam:

• The course includes a two-stage exit examination, which comprises both theory and practical examinations.

• Successful completion of this examination may be a requirement to receive certification or accreditation for the course.

If you are interested in enrolling in this course or need further information, it's advisable to contact GGIRHR directly through the provided contact details. Additionally, you may want to inquire about the course duration, fees, and any other specific details not mentioned in the provided information.

Duration:3 Days (2 hours/day)
Qualification:BAMS/BUMS/BHMS/MBBS/Gynaecology-related qualification
Fee:Payable to Institution