Comprehensive TVS Ultrasound Scan Course

Comprehensive TVS Ultrasound Scan Course

The comprehensive TVS Ultrasound Scan Course provided at GGIRHR comes with the aid of the world’s best scan simulator. It also has a vast library of cases loaded into the cloud, covering gynecology, Infertility & early pregnancy scenarios. Candidates are trained from the fundamentals of scanning (planes, basic anatomy, identifying structures to advanced topics like various types of fibroids, myomas, cysts, early pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, uterine anomalies, etc.) till they learn the intricacies. The system automatically tracks their progress and records it. It can provide feedback and measure progress. A senior instructor can also go through each case and provide individual feedback to the candidates.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate shall be eligible for admission into the Comprehensive Ultrasound Scan Training only if he/she

• is a Citizen of India

• holds M.D. / M.S. (or its equivalent recognized degree) in Obstetrics & Gynaecology from a University established by law in India and recognized by the MCI or any other University recognized by the Medical Council of India and declared as equivalent

• has DGO/DNB (PG in gynaecology mandatory to take U/S Comprehensive courses)

Course Highlights

• Evidence-based theoretical knowledge to complement the structured hands-on learning

• Correct technique of probe insertion and probe manipulation

• Virtual guidance during the scan to obtain appropriate scanning planes, take correct measurements and understand normal and abnormal morphology

• Hands-on scan curriculum with scope for customization to facilitate individual learning

• Simulator-based learning, with the advantage of unlimited time on any case, with detailed feedback from the tutor

• Remote access to attempted modules for trainees to review their learning

• Hundreds of real-life cases on the simulator facilitate learning and acquiring superior scanning skills over a short period

Exit Exam on the Simulator

Duration:11 Days(2 Days - Theory, 9 Days - Hands-on)
Qualification:MD/MS-OBG, DGO/DNB
Fee:₹ 1,00,000 + 18% GST