Online Basic TVS Ultrasound Scan Course

Online Basic TVS Ultrasound Scan Course

Online Basic TVS Ultrasound Scan Course at GGIRHR provides a basic introduction for budding Gynecologists looking to pursue a career in OBG. This course is formulated for students who prefer online training for theory followed by some formal guidance in person on the world's best TVS Scan Simulator.

• Course Name: Basic TVS Ultrasound Scan Course

• Focoused Group: Budding Gynecologists interested in pursuing a career in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG).

• Course Format: Online and Hands-on

• Duration:

Theory Online: 7 days with unlimited access for 1 month

Hands-on: 3 days (optional)

Course Details:

1. Theory Online (7 Days):

• This segment seems to focus on providing theoretical knowledge related to TVS ultrasound scans.

• It is conducted online, which allows students to access the course materials remotely.

• The course content appears to be available for unlimited access for a month, allowing students to review and study at their own pace.

2. Hands-on (3 Days - Optional):

• This part of the course involves practical training, which is likely conducted in person.

• It provides students with the opportunity to gain practical experience with TVS scans.

• It's noted as "optional," suggesting that students may choose to participate in the hands-on component if they wish.

Contact Information:

• Prospective students or individuals interested in this course are encouraged to contact GGIRHR for further details or inquiries.

This course GGIRHR offers a blended learning approach, combining online theoretical training with hands-on practical experience, which can be beneficial for individuals aspiring to become skilled Gynecologists specializing in OBG with expertise in TVS ultrasound scanning.

Duration:10 Days
Qualification:MD/MS/DGO/DNB - OBG