Andrology Lab Technician Course

Andrology Lab Technician Course

This course of GGIRHR helps the candidates to learn about semen evaluation and provides a deeper understanding of various ART procedures. It is designed to impart basic knowledge in semiology and semen preparation techniques, and the guided hands-on will significantly benefit the candidate to understand and confidently perform the same.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate shall be eligible for admission into the Andrology Workshop only if the person

• is a Citizen of India

• holds MLT, DMLT qualifications, or any life science degrees

Course Highlights

• Short term course certified by GGIRHR

• Equips with adequate knowledge about semen analysis, advanced techniques such as CASA, etc.,

• Helps to understand the nuances of semen preparation techniques for IUI and other ART procedures

• Provides extensive knowledge of handling andrology equipment, andrology media, semen collection, etc.

Exit Exam

Course exit examination is a two-stage examination comprising theory and practical examinations.

Duration:7 Days (Theory and Hands-on)
Qualification:MLT, DLT, or any life science degree
Fee:₹ 35,000 + 18% GST